Kitty & Buck - New Design and Survey

Out with the old...

Well, I bet you're looking around wondering where you are... I know I've changed my layout completely, so take a second to get used to your surroundings :) I really hope you like the new look, my previous design was a hotch potch lumped together over the past few months and was beginning to lose cohesion and functionality. Here's some new things you should know:

I've added new follow icons so it's easy to find all my social networks, they're located above my welcome image now (feel free to follow any that you are interested in, I'm considering adding others and subtracting myself from some of these networks - based on demand). I've included links to more options including email subscription, HelloCotton, Google+ and a few more.

There is now a link to my design page on the navigation bar right above the posts. If you are looking for my post topic links, they have moved just below the sponsor section, so you can find the DIY, What I Wore, Book Nook and more on the right column down below. There is also a few other networks listed down there such as Chictopia, Lookbook and all of that fashion related business.
Right down the bottom of the page there are links to my most popular posts. Let me know if there are any features/links/networks missing that you'd like to see. I have created a survey as well, the results are for my use only and information will not be passed on to other companies, aside from vague demographics if requested (my readers are mostly based in the USA for example). Results are anonymous, but if you'd like a response from me you can choose to leave your email/contact information in Question 10 under the comments section. Alternatively, let it all out in the comments below. The survey is only 10 questions, it should take no more than 5 minutes to respond, it's just tick boxes :) I would really, really appreciate it if you could take the time to respond, I will be using the results to grow my blog in a direction that suits your wants and needs, so it's all for you at the end of the day :)

(thank you! thank you!)

Thanks so much for your support so far, I look forward to seeing what you have to say about the new look and I'll be eagerly reading your survey responses.


note: those beautiful fancy arrows are courtesy of the fab Vanessa Gonzales > they also appear in my 'older' and 'newer' buttons at the bottom of each page.

Also... I am still putting up the finishing touches, so some content is in progress. let me know if anything is broken for you though!