Meet The Sponsors - December Edition

Wow, I cannot believe this is my final Meet The Sponsors for 2012. We've had so many lovely sponsors grace the pages of Kitty & Buck in 2012 and this month is no exception. I hope you'll see some familiar faces but also meet some new people too, grab your tea and settle in :)
I created Share the Love in 2011 after getting engaged to my now-husband Sean. Initially, it was a private blog to share wedding information with my bridal party.  After our wedding this past August, I decided to make my blog public, keep writing and see where this part of the journey leads me!  I had no idea how big (and fun!) was the blogging world.  Now I write mostly for the social aspect, and for the love of writing.  And I write about things I love: food/cooking, vegetarianism, animals, art, my life.  Come say hi, I'd be honoured to "meet" you!
I'm Amanda and I write about life with my darling fella as work and live. For the past three years we have been building our own house in WV on top of a mountain in an old abandoned apple orchard, and we have just now moved in! So many new adventures are sure to happen!
my favourite post: Overlook
I'm Michelle, a midwestern illustrator/designer who blogs about art, style, fashion, handmade goods, and general nerdy stuff. I'm currently working on two illustration projects--Re-drawing awful, hilarious feline doodles from my childhood and portraits of some my favorite bloggers!
my favourite post: Feelin' Foxy aand an illustration (I had to) Angel
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The Vagabond Studio is an eco-friendly lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring others to live a creative, positive, sustainable life. ♥
my favourite post: Positive Life Experiences
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I'm Chantilly- your friendly neighborhood singer-songwriter, who sings and writes the best rainy day songs you've ever cried to.  My my blog features style posts, music, and chronicles the life and times of a creative gal living in Brookyn, NY.  I made a magical new set of recordings, which is available for listening on my bandcamp page.  I'd love to meet you!
my favourite post: Inspiration: Grand Central Station NYC
plus: 20% off in Chantilly Songs Band Camp store on merch and music with the code holiday20
Hi, I'm Spencer and I make fun animals out of felt. These animals just so happen to also be sleeves for your iPad or iPad mini. You can also check out my blog where i talk about sewing, cooking and vegan Baking.
shop // blog // etsy // twitter
my favourite product: Mr Archibald Racoon iPad Mini Case
My Billie is a blog that houses my design shop as well as bits and pieces from my everyday life. You'll find DIYs, design tutorials, things that I think are pretty and a bunch of awesome. Come say hello! (edit: look out for Melanie's premade blog templates coming soon - Kitty)
blog // pinterest // twitter // design
my favourite post: Don't Be Stuck
Hello dear Kitty readers!
My name is Aleksandra, and I blog over at "Little Daily Miracles". Feel free to visit, and follow me on my travels which are presented through my photography, see my artworks and a lot more!
blog // twitter // deviant art // facebook
my favourite post: Winter Harmony

Hi, my name is Chloe and I blog over on Lazy Explorers. There, you can read about my inspirations, outfits, DIY Ideas, and adventures.
blog // twitter // pinterest // bloglovin'
my favourite post: Blog Crush: Kitty & Buck - hahaha, just kidding,
look at this one: Outfit: Sweetheart, BitterHeart
I am Praew from Praew Channel. I am a mom who loves to cook, eat, crochet, shop and travel. Mostly you will find me crocheting or knitting. Often I am on the search for inspirations for my craft projects and products for my shop, Floretta. So, let's take a journey with me. Praew Channel is a colorful journey of inspiration.
I'm a vintage slingin' red head from Portland, Maine who owns a thrift store and runs an online shop.  I adore woodland creatures, 1950s dresses and zombies.
Hey y'all! My name is Mo and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian , animal lover, chai tea addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry.
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my favourite post: A Day With "The Dad"
I'm Jennifer and I'm just a simply complex tattooed lady who is finding my way in the world of books and blogging and a fiscally challenged life in Athens, GA.  I love to put rosemary in everything, search for vintage dresses and cardigans, drink pots of hot tea, camp on a whim, hunt down street/folk/outsider art in weird places and (try to) craft on occasion.  Stop by m'blog and say hi!
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my favourite post: Pining For Winter
I'm a dreamy ocean dweller & nature lover, creating art and nurturing my sweet baby daughter, 'Blueberry'. I'm the designer of Ripples and Feathers on Etsy, wearable art pieces inspired by sea and sky. For work I'm a freelance photographer, dabble a bit in film making and teach courses on women’s issues and society. My passion is all things oceanic and I live on a floating home on the San Francisco Bay, spending  my days floating with the ducks.
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my favourite post: Photo Travelogue
My name is Kayla and I blog over at Kaylanaut!  I write about my adventures in photography (currently with old Polaroid cameras from the 60's!), journaling, geeky things (like video games and comic books), and beautiful things I find along the way.  I live in Oakland with my fiance and our two cats, Pogo and Sorbo -- come say hello!
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my favourite post: Moments
My goodness, what a lovely crowd of sponsors, I'm so lucky to have such wonderful support. Please take the time to visit their sites and show some love back :) 

If you're interested in sponsoring, do so before the 31st December and I'll donate your money right to the Cat Protection Society, a no-kill shelter in Sydney. The XL ads for January are gone, and there's only one left for February, but you can book in advance if you'd like, and your ad will go in the queue. There are still some large and small ads left, and don't forget you can purchase a 3 month block using a discount code if you'd like. Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased ads so far, I'll be doing a post in the new year letting you know how the donation goes :)