Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It's been awhile since I shared some lovely letters with you, but believe me, I've been receiving them! Rin is such a wonderful (and patient) letter buddy, she is incredibly creative and just makes the prettiest letters! I've slacked off on the last couple, not from laziness, it's just been busy! (Sorry Rin, I'm working on them!) Here are the last couple of letters I have sent.
This was my letter from task #2, asking 10 questions. I had so much fun stitching on the paper. I created a photography book when I graduated from uni, which I bound myself and added thread over the images, it's been awhile but I just love stitching on paper!
And task #3, listing 10 of my favourite things. I wanted to make this one more 'graphic' looking so I used washi tape to create a colour scheme. Oh, and I included some confetti, because a little birdie told me Rin is kinda fond of those coloured discs of paper.
Rin sent me a couple of amazing letters, I love how she always pops little surprises in, like vintage stamps, hand drawn stickers and other lovely bits. This one is 10 questions for me *from the eclectic mind of one Rin D*
This is Rin's task#3 letter to me, listing her 10 favourite things. I love the pretty cutouts she made from magazines, and the cloud washi, how cute is it?!
Her 10 answers to my questions were packaged in little envelopes inside a card. It was so fun opening each little package to find another goodie inside.
I just received my postcard from Task #4 as well, isn't it gorgeous?
How are your letters going? Do you think you'll continue writing occasionally even without a 'task' to complete? I find it really difficult to allocate time to letter writing, but my life is hectic right now. I've really enjoyed it, so I'd like to keep it up if I can. There's nothing quite like receiving a letter (that isn't a bill!) in the post. Nat has emailed all of the package partners now, so you should hopefully be underway with that process. Remember, be thoughtful with your gift and packaging. You can send your partner an email (if you haven't already) to request their address, and perhaps send them a list of 10 things you love, to give them some gift buying power!

I hope you've really enjoyed the exchange. I'm looking forward to seeing your package exchange results! Don't forget to share them on the flickr page, or on your blog :)