What I Wore - To The Australian Ballet, Icons

Every now and again, a girl's gotta get dolled up, don't you agree? It's really fun to go to the Sydney Opera House and put on a nice dress for the occasion. I have noticed though, people don't do it as much as I thought (or maybe as much as they used to) I have this theory that I can wear my fancy outfit to work, and then change my shoes, and it will be magically transformed from work attire to evening wear. For this particular show I dressed pretty casual, it was one of those mornings where all of my clothes ended up on a pile on the floor, not being able to decide what to wear, nothing 'feeling' right and time running out to get to work! I'm pretty happy with this though, it's a fun outfit.
It's fairly awkward standing in front of the Opera House during the interval and having outfit photos done. So I didn't. C just wanted to snap some pics, so we didn't do details of anything. Also, as you may have noticed, it's kinda dark. The show we were watching was called "Icons" and was part of the Australian Ballet's 50 year anniversary, revisiting iconic pieces from the company's history. I have to say, I suffered from some cultural cringe during this show (a lot of cultural cringe). Australia produces some amazing work, but ballet focussed on AFL (Aussie Rules football) and drinking beer out of cans is not my idea of an incredible ballet. There were three performances that night, one called "Gemini" was great, the other two were terrible. I often wonder what the world thinks if/when they see things like this, "Aussie" culture wrapped up in booze and sport. It makes me sad that even the Australian Ballet feels it has to celebrate these things to fit in. (These ballets were from the past 30 years or so, but I don't think we've grown out of this way of thinking). Despite my disappointment in the show, we had a lovely night and "Gemini" was fantastic. The dancers are amazing and I always watch wistfully wishing I was up on the stage again, strapped into those torturous/beautiful pointe shoes.
The Sydney Opera House by night is amazing, I love the way the curve of the sails reaches into the night sky and is lost, so you never quite know where the building ends and the night begins. You can see in this picture (if you didn't already know) that the sails are made up of many, many white tiles. I can always appreciate Sydney a little more after visiting this place.
Skirt // Modcloth (old)
Blouse // Cherry print from Tokito
Cardigan // Dangerfield
Shoes // Wanted (old)
Camera Bag // Jo Totes
Necklace // Cherry Bakelite as worn here (Antique)

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