Wordless Weekend #4

Beatrix Potter - Windermere, England
Hand Painted Eggs - Prague, Czech Republic
 1 // Owl - Germany, Mickey - Florida   2 // Germany  3 // Budapest   4 // Germany
 Gnome // Germany   Harlequin // Venice, Italy
1, 2 // Switzerland   3 // (star) Paris, France   4 // Star Prague, Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria
The donkey, tree and wreath are from Mexico, Gnome from Germany

Breaking the rules with some words. I wish I'd been to all of these places, but I have not! They've been collected over the years as keepsakes from our own, our family's and our friend's travels and gathered here on our multicultural tree. I couldn't include everything, we have chilli ornaments from Singapore, apples from Arizona, handmade ornaments, baubles from Australia and many more. I hope you enjoy our corner of Christmas cheer. I think the German gnomes are Nibelungen, can anyone clarify?