4 Simple Goals Recap

Well hi there, welcome to all of the my lovely readers who've arrived lately, it's great to have you - please, make yourselves at home! Today I'm just doing a little recap of some goals I made last year, I'm grading myself on how well I did with them.

Goal #1
Do I have to start with number one? Oh, okay, I'll start with number one. I didn't fully achieve this goal. My excuse is that I lost an entire month out of the four month period to the flu and oral surgery. And I picked up a few freelance design jobs that ate up some of my time. But I shouldn't make excuses. I got some of this done! My blog had a makeover, which was one thing I'd wanted to work on. I launched my design services on the blog as well, which I'm so excited about. I built my little working nook, then had to move it, but it's relocated and about 70% of the way to being done. I didn't get around to making the new stock ideas I have for my etsy shop, but there's always tomorrow (and the next day) and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into those ideas!

Goal #2
Well, again, I didn't keep strict track of this one, but I'm fairly sure I achieved it! I've definitely been sleeping more than I was and also taking a day off from blogging when I need to. If you add up all my 'sick days' I definitely did! But they weren't voluntary so I'm not sure if they can count to my total.
Goal #3
Yes! I did this! You can read about it here. We had such a lovely day in the mountains, the cherry blossoms were out, I had no idea there were cherry blossoms there, so I guess I've never visited at the right time. We checked out antique and book stores, had high tea and just wandered about. About a week after our balmy spring day this place was covered in a freak snowstorm. Bizarro. Definitely planning more day trips for 2013, I love getting out of the city.

Goal #4
This one is a bit tricky to measure. I definitely feel as though I'm getting more comfortable in front of the camera. The trick is having a prop! ha! I cracked it ;) I just need a distraction from the idea that I'm having my photo taken. I think there's a visible improvement in my comfort levels as we progress through the outfit photos. As far as taking photos, I opened some polaroid film and took some snaps with this trusty guy.
A couple of polaroids of us, oh and, look at C's amazing illustration!

Just me and my... bonsai. Haaa. Polaroids are better when they are silly I think.

My dad gave me a few old rolls of film, so I plan on taking one of my 35mm cameras out in a couple of weeks and getting a lot more film photographs. I have this little museum of old cameras, I can't wait to get them going again, they feel real lonely on the shelf. As far as my goal goes, I wanted more results from this but put I'm going to give myself a pass. If only because I started "Wordless Weekend" on this blog and that's giving me an excuse to take more scenic, arty and composed photos.

I'm supposed to reward myself if I achieved all of my goals, but I feel oh so spoiled after Christmas! I might remind myself of what I achieved during that busy time of the year next time I want to treat myself. I was considering a dress from Isabel Knowles, so maybe after I do a wardrobe cleanout I'll look into purchasing one of her beautiful creations. Or maybe I'll get a frozen yoghurt one day. Who knows...

I know a few of you did the 4 Simple Goals challenge as well, let me know how you went! I read through your goals at the time, so I'd love to find out the results.