Caturday - Nico Organised Neatly

Well, it's Saturday, so you know what it's time for? Household chores! Hooray! I know this sounds really boring, but I was folding the laundry (are you still with me?) and I left the room for a moment. When I returned, there was something wrong with my clothes. Something, still neatly folded, but ever so slightly... strange?
If I knew Nico was going to make me a lovely photo op, I would've smoothed the sheet out on our bed before I folded the clothes on it. Live and learn I guess. She's so cute, isn't she? I love how she slotted herself into the empty space I was saving for another stack. Little paws tucked in, looking oh so innocent and not out of place at all. You also get the added bonus of seeing inside my brain. Does anyone else stack clothes into sections according to the shelves they go into the closet? Or is that just me? Oh well. I hope you like my Caturday pics regardless :)

I just realised how spherical Nico looks. I assure you, it's all fur! She is SO fluffy.


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