Found #41

I spotted this great DIY on Design*Sponge today while I was catching up on some of my RSS feeds. I might give making one of the scratching posts a go, I'm pretty sure my ladies would love a new one that isn't the couch :/ Though I don't think I'd hang it on the wall by a string, they'd tear it down for sure. My cats have super claw strength. (sorry about the cat overload this week!)

I know you know that I love cabins :) I try to hold back on the mountain wilderness lady cabin posts but you know, occasionally I see one that I have to share. This is like some kind of geodesic cabin-mansion. It's in Oregon, I wonder if they'll let me keep it? I'm just using my imagination for what the inside must look like, and I think it must be some kind of Stanley Kubrick - The Shining awesome.
 via: Cabin

Handsom have a sale on, so it'd be a good time to snag one of these pretty items from their current collection. I love the colours so much. The dresses have a really cute vintage vibe to them that's so fab.
via: Handsom

There is a lot of Studio Ghibli film watching happening in our house lately, I can't wait to visit the Ghibli Museum one day. For now I will be content with imagining myself asleep in this Totoro sleeping-bag bed.

This automaton is amazing. I'd love to collect these one day, but they are very rare and expensive.  During the late 1800's they were quite popular, and there are some really amazing machines that were produced during this time. I love this one, I can just imagine it moving, the ship rolling across the waves, the windmill turning, perhaps the little people move. All encased in glass. Beautiful.
via: Tumblr

I hope I'll be able to bring back my post of the week next week, or the week after? I'm still playing catch up from the 3 animation jobs I took on over Christmas (oops). I'm so excited to have a 'free' weekend coming up! I think I might be able to take some outfit pics, and we have some plans out and about in the city tomorrow which will be nice. It's going to be H-O-T. We're supposedly having a once-in-50-years weather event, whatever that means. I think it means stay hydrated, stay cool and hope for no bushfires. Probably a good time to head to the movies as well? I might go and see The Hobbit or Hitchcock if I can find a preview screening. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and if you're in Australia, you (and your pets) stay safe and cool during our heatwave.