Found #42

I was pretty excited for my pal Penny, when I saw her beautiful fabric featured in Frankie magazine. It's part of a partnership with Green Villages and Etsy, showcasing DIYs on using sustainable and recycled materials for gifts and wrapping. If you're not Penny and don't have a stash of amazing fabrics that you designed on hand, why not try it with a vintage scarf? They are cheap, plentiful and an extra present once the main gift is opened! There's also a Macrame DIY with Kitiya and a Terrarium DIY too!

While we're on the topic of little squares of fabric, I spotted this pochette the other day, isn't it gorgeous? I have a thing for fruit prints, usually it's apples but I'm loving this abstract watermelon :)
via: P Johnson

Initially spotted on Wilde Asher, I love these beautiful photographs from the Lenni Vintage Spring Lookbook. Cats, guitars and flowers, what more could you want?

OK, I suppose you could want these cat tights? How cute are they? Unfortunately I can't figure out where they are from... but more than likely, Japan. I really need to brush up on my Japanese!

These illustrations are a few years old now, but I spotted them on Pinterest. Little mushroom people by Amy Ross, I love the scientific illustration style and pretty watercolours. I think they really strike a chord with me because of the similarity in subject matter to the May Gibbs books I grew up reading. I still think of Banksia Men whenever I see a Banksia tree!

This is an amazing collection of photographs from photographer Jon Crispin. In New York, 1995, the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane closed it's doors. As with many of these kind of institutions, the personal effects of it's residents were left behind over the years. Staff discovered hundreds of suitcases locked in the attic, containing a poignant snapshot into each of the suitcase owner's lives. The photos are intriguing and touching, I love looking at this kind of thing. Simply incredible.

I hope you have some fun things planned for your weekend! I wanted to do some work on the house, but the weather is forecast for 40-45ºC again, I can't think of anything worse than heading to the beach, so I may just lay around like a shag on a rock*


*C suggested that some of my lovely readers may not /get/ that statement, so here's a definition (via) of my crazy Australian slang:
shag: like a shag on a rock
Isolated, lonely, exposed. A shag is a cormorant, commonly found in coastal and inland waters of Australia, where they are often seen perched alone on a rock. Any isolated person can be described as, or feel like, a shag on a rock—for example, a political leader with few supporters, or a person without friends at a party.