Guest Post with Kristina - Vegetarian Abroad - Beatles Collection

Today I'm really happy to have Kristina from Vegetarian Abroad here to guest post :) She is sharing her awesome Beatles collection with us today, The Beatles was one of the very first bands who I heard from my dad's music collection, they have a special place in my heart :)
I went over a few options in my head for this post to which I finally settled on my crazy Beatles collection.  2 things people always know about me are: she's a vegetarian and she is in love with The Beatles.  If you walk into my apartment it is a shrine to them and I thought what better way to show my love/obsession with them then in this post!  It all started with Paul McCartney; as I think it generally does with most girls ;).  I became obsessed with anything that had their name on it and immediately had to have it.  I would read for hours about the lives they lived with all of it tragedies, happiness, sadness and triumph.  Plus, when I found out Paul is a vegetarian like me it made me look up to and admire him even more.  Call me the crazy Beatles lady, nice to meet you!
My collection has grown rapidly over the past year with 20+ items now at my disposal.  It all started with the abstract painting above that I randomly ran across in Zellers (it is a store found only in Canada).  After that I was hooked and needed to have more.  I now have books, magazines, pictures, posters, DVD's, shirts and it is constantly being added to.  Most of my collection comes from BC, Canada.  It's normal to have an obsession this strong, right?  Right?!  I hope you enjoy my Beatles collection just the same and thanks for having me, Shell!
Kristina, thanks so much for sharing your collection today!

You should head over and say hi to Kristina, she blogs about beauty, living as a Canadian in America and Vegetarianism amongst other things, I'm sure you'll get along just fine :)