January In Review

Wow, January is over already? I'd better get stuck into my 2013 goals in a serious way! I feel like I'm only just recovering from the hectic end of 2012. Here are some of my favourite posts from January:

My Arms Are Open Wide // my 2013 goals and thoughts on the new year

Thank You // My sponsors helped me raise $100 to donate to the Cat Protection Society

The Totally Awesome Blog Hop // I co-hosted with some lovely bloggers, plus I met so many new bloggers! Thanks for leaving so many comments and so many new blogs to follow :)

New Design // My first blog design, for The Story Project

What I Wore - Cats and Astroturf // Not many outfit posts this month due to the heatwave! This one was an impromptu location shoot, we found this weird inside astroturf/mango tree/fairy lights garden.

Nico Organised Neatly // Everyone love a Nico ;) She appreciated all of your kind comments 

Photo 101 - Getting To Know Your Camera // Another part in my Photo 101 series

Wordless Weekend // I love sharing these weekly photos, this museum one with photos from my lovely fiance was popular with you!

January was a whirlwind of catching up from the Christmas period. I think I've found my feet now, and I feel like I'm in a good place as far as getting my organisation flowing for the year. Thinking back, I'm not sure what I have done. The hot weather has definitely made me a little more languid than usual. February is the month of organising my garden, harvesting some seeds, planting new crops and trying AGAIN to have a herb garden that is living. I have to do a lot of planning for Japan (including Japanese lessons), and I have a bit of design work scheduled, outside of my regular job, so the one thing I can predict is that I'll be busy. Wish me luck!

If you're missing the Lovely Letters exchange, there is a couple of ladies running a new penpal community site called "The League of Extraordinary Penpals" Friday is the deadline for early sign-up, so if you're interested in finding out more and perhaps signing up, just head on over to their site.

What does your February look like? I hope your year has gotten off to a good, productive start.


P.S. The Personal Planner giveaway winner is Reva! Congratulations, I'm emailing you now :)