Update - December Giveaway Winners and Survey

I just wanted to thank everyone who filled in my survey, I got some great feedback and suggestions, which I'll be working into my blogging over the next little while.

A few things that came out of it were that you'd like to see more photography tutorials, which you'll be pleased to know I had already planned for this year. Expect to see some trickling through before the end of this month. Feel free to leave any specific topics you'd like covered in the comments, I'm happy to cover specific topics that you will find useful too.

There were a few other topics that you wanted more of as well, so I'm working on a couple of new features to be debuted... sometime soon. I don't have any strict dates or deadlines for these, but expect to see some blogger features, more book nook posts, blogging tips and advice as well as some more thrifting and vintage focussed posts.

Finally, the majority of you wished for 3-5 posts per week, which is kind of a nice idea for me as 7 posts a week can get tiring! The only problem with that is fitting in the new features! I'll do my best to strike a balance but I expect it may take me a little while to work out a routine. There were some comments regarding the layout which I understand and agree with, any issues that you have expressed are on my to-do list. Thanks for your advice, it helps me make my blog better! Feel free to leave any more feedback in the comments, or email me anytime with your thoughts.

Now that business is over with, how about finding out if you're one of the winners from December's group giveaway? I'm emailing you now on how to collect your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who entered, thank you. Your support means a lot to me and of course, to my sponsors.