What I Wore - Cats on Astroturf

When I headed out to take these photos, I had the intention of shooting them in my old neighbourhood in a place nicknamed "Cat Alley" It's a quaint little street (alleyway actually) lined with 1850's sandstone worker's cottages. There is no access for cars to park so the wonderful residents have created a wall of gorgeous greenery and flowers along the whole street with potted plants, vines and shrubs. Dotted along the alleyway there are bench seats in front of many of the houses so the residents can enjoy the view. But good luck getting a seat, because it's more than likely a kitty will be curled up on there. Or wrapped around the trunk of a tree in a potplant, or draped across the bars covering a window. There are so. many. cats. They bask in the sunshine all day and flock to a communal bowl at night, there's an entire family (3 or 4 generations) of ginger cats, and many others. We used to be friends when I lived there. I'll do a shoot there one day, I promise.
 While we were killing time to take the photos, we stumbled across this fairly new arcade in the city, which smelled ah-may-zing, some kind of BBQ smelling Thai food I think. There was a seating area done up to look like an alleyway in Thailand, and then there was this. An astroturf and ivy+fairylights wonder. So we HAD to shoot in there. You understand. Those are pretend mango trees with real pretend mangoes growing in them right there.
Sorry I'm wearing a band-aid, I had to enlist the healing power of a Jesus band-aid because earlier in the day, Nico and I were playing "What's that under the blanket?" She won. It was my hand.
I think you'll be seeing more droopy outfit pics from here on in, it is so hot here lately. I was all dolled up but wandering around in the heat made my hair deflate and my makeup wash away. Well never mind, I'm sure you understand!
Owl Ring // Markets

This dress is so comfortable. I thought I'd need to buy a special slip to go underneath it, but I purchased it in the 50% off sale, so it was a good trade off. When I received it though, it does have lining on the skirt, so I just need to wear a cami and it's all good and non-transparent :) Anyways, besides all of that technical business, who could resist such a cute print? Kittens playing with balls of wool. Um. Yes. I've told you about my clogs here and here. They're so cute and comfy, you'll no doubt see them again.


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