What I Wore - A Dress with Horses on it

You'd be forgiven for thinking I live in some kind of a time warp and am suddenly experiencing fall. No folks, those leaves are brown and no longer attached to the gentle fingers of their mother tree because they are suffering from heat exhaustion. I saw a comment (hi Erin) that I've not been uploading many outfit pictures because of the heat. That would be correct. Today was a bit cooler, but quite windy! So I think all the toasted leaves fell to the ground, making an autumnal playground for my pictures :) I've had a really poopy day at work for about the past 5 days, so I thought to cheer up, I'd pop on some bright lipstick, a coral cardigan and my favourite horse dress.

 Oh, and I bought my twin along for the shoot too! She's pretty funny looking but I don't mind.

Dress // Luck Be A Lady Dress in Equine // Modcloth 
Shoes // Robin Oxford in Tan // c/o Bared
Cardigan // Urban Outfitters (old)
Telescope Necklace // Gift
Earrings // Lemon Sorbet Earrings (Entwined) // Epheriell
Glass Ring // Markets
Turquoise Ring // Gift

I loved the style of this dress right away, and I would've liked it in a plain colour to show off the lovely pleats and cut a bit better, but, uh, when Modcloth says 50% off, I'm not fussy :) And I love it, the fabric is quite thick, the fit is super comfortable and the belt it comes with is adorable. I'm finding the full skirt a challenge in the slightest breeze, but I'm totally paranoid about flashing people to begin with. I think because I'm quite tall, dresses usually already feel a bit short on me ;)

You know I love these shoes, right? I tell you every time, they are made in Australia, designed by a podiatrist, there's not a lot more I want in my shoe than comfort and locally produced! (you can read more here) I'll save the best until last - my lovely necklace. Remember when the world was about to end? Well, C and I thought it was quite funny, about 5 minutes before the allotted time, to exchange just one of our Christmas gifts for each other, just in case the world did end, at least we were doing something fun at the time. (It was a big fat excuse to open a present early, but hey) I received this gorgeous retractable telescope necklace and I gave C a fragrance from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

(and mysterious twin)