Found #45

I love vintage posters, the colours, the illustration... There is a selection of travel posters on, I think this one is my favourite. As if Austria wasn't already appealing enough! Look at those mountains, the lake, the train, the pine forests... ahhh.

I love jewellery that I can play with, something to keep my hands occupied when I'm nervous or bored, or both! This Kaleidoscope necklace I spotted on Emerging Thoughts is perfect! On top of being a fully functional kaleidoscope (how cool is that?!) it is beautiful on the outside too, and has an opal set into it, which is also my birthstone, isn't is amazing?

When I stumbled across these illustrations, I thought they were from the 70's, but they're actually much more recent, and beautifully created by Yoko Tanji, who live in Tokyo, Japan. There are so many gorgeous colours and kitties, I've selected a few of my favourites.

I love this quilt designed by Beci Orpin at Urban Outfitters. The colours, pattern and stitching are really sweet and the secret polka dot lining is so cute. I love having secret lining inside bedding, coats, shoes... anything really.

Finally, I spotted this mushroom growing kit some time ago and forgot about it. It popped up on my radar again this week, so I thought I should share! I don't have a huge garden and probably not the right conditions for growing most mushrooms, so this is a great idea. I love how the mushrooms sprout out of the box as well, they look great (and I bet they taste great!) Small piece of trivia for the day: I hated mushrooms with a passion (eating them) until about 5 years ago. Suddenly, they're delicious. It's always weird when your taste suddenly matures to accept something you previously disliked.

image via: Miss Moss (originally flickr)
It's been awhile since I did a blog post of the week, I'll do my best to keep it as a regular feature. This week, I thoroughly enjoyed this post by Miss Moss. Her feature on Nicola Odemann's photography reminded me that when I go on holiday this time, I'm going to make every effort to take some snapshots, but also some more composed, thought out images as well. These photographs are beautiful, you should visit Miss Moss to see them all.