Found #46

There's just something about wooden jewellery especially when it's painted all kinds of pretty colours. So Little Time Co. has something for every taste. I love the brooches and necklaces, but aren't these heart earrings sweet?

I know I am going to have such a hard time in Japan, there are so many cute things to buy. Lucky I hate shopping, hopefully I'll spare myself a bit of luggage pain. Just in case, I'm only taking carry on (as I usually do) and I've booked a 20kg checked bag for my flight back. Do you think I'll be able to fit some balloon lamps in?

I love Tasty Tuesday on The Design Files, recently I spotted this recipe for Salsa Verde, and I can confirm, it is delicious. Now you just need to choose what to eat it with! I had some yummy organic corn in the fridge and it went very nicely :)

I know it's summer here, but this cowl is so pretty, I had to share!
via: Celaplu

Let's finish off the same way we started, with some love hearts. This dress from Modcloth is so cute, I love the length of the skirt and the cute 40's feel to it.
via: Modcloth

Melissa from Bubby and Bean posted about "Loss and Gratitude For Life and Love" this week. It's always good to be reminded of what we have to be thankful for. We are not pieces of flotsam on a wave. Remember to live with purpose and never forget to tell your loved ones all about how much you love them :)

On that note... I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'm sure I'll see you before it's over.