Found #47

These self portraits by Ahn Jun are incredible. After many years of ballet, I have pretty good balance, but the idea of balancing on a high spot make me all wobbly. I hope this is an illusion, but it looks really amazing, right? I love the second one, it reminds me of the videogame Shadow of the Colossus for some reason.

This hand-drawn infographic is all about ink! Olivia King created these lovely letters by hand, I wish I could do lettering like this. When I was a kid, I used to re-create the lettering on album covers when I made mix-tapes, so I suppose I may be able to get practising again. I'm pretty sure I could be this good, give me 30 years or so ;)

I spotted the latest collection from Book of Deer in my Frankie Magazine Newsletter. I love everything about this lookbook. The clothes are gorgeous and the photographs and styling are just perfect. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but they're definitely on my radar now.

We're close to finishing some improvements in our home, including installing some new bookshelves, being that we have a hundred million books* Once that is done, I have a lovely collection of hanging vases that I'd like to put up. These windchimes from Irona are so cute, I think they'd look lovely by my books. (*rough estimate)
 via: Irona Works

Did you see the new Shabby Apple range? It's called Ferris Wheel, so of course, it got my attention. I adore the skirt on the left, and how about that cherry top? So cute!
via: Shabby Apple 
 skirt // blouse

I have a couple of posts this week (click on each image/link for more info)
Everybody Matters is an artwork that came from a group show back in October, designed to offer artwork as gifts to organisations that wouldn't otherwise have access to such work. This project by Bryan Patrick Todd is a message for the children at Boys and Girls Haven in Louisville Kentucky and hangs above the entrance to their gymnasium/meeting/function room.

Shai has been accepted into the Peace Leadership Workshop and is working on getting to Santa Barbara in the summer. You can read about it here or donate here. There's a special blog contribution available, where you're basically donating to the cause and the reward is some blog love, so check it out!

I hope you've had a great week so far, happy Friday!