Found #48

 These illustrations by Skinny Andy are just too cute for words. Anthropomorphising food is a weakness though. Look at the outlaw Maraschino!! Soooo cute!
 via: Skinny Andy (each image click back to it's page)

 I love the blog Gems, especially the compilation posts. This one is from a recent post entitled "Smile", just a collection of random smiley images.
via: Gems

Because we have so many books, I'm constantly looking at new storage solutions. This is quite good, I like the fact that there is 'breathing space' around the shelves, I think it might work at making the shelving feel less intrusive. Not sure if my DIY skills are quite there though...

Spotted on Etsy, this gorgeous minty dress! Looks like the perfect attire for a tea-party, don't you think?

 Speaking of home improvements, how cute is this doormat? Much better than a boring Welcome mat, don't you think? I'd feel a little bad wiping my feet on him though...
via: Modcloth

Thoughts on the Evolution of Personal Style. I really enjoyed Sophie's post this week on her personal style adventure. Personal style can develop from a number of influences, including family and friend's style choices, media exposure, music taste, ethics and circumstance (amongst other things, I'm sure). Check out how Sophie came to be the vintage lovin' stylish lady you see before your eyes today, it's a lovely read!