Meet My Awesome February Sponsors

I have some wonderful sponsors to share with you this month, and I've discovered some fab new blogs! I hope you love them as much as I do, have you got your tea ready?
We're Ben and Katie. We met in Montana, lived in Ukraine, South Korea, Russia and just moved to the US. Chestnut Mocha is our blog about adventures, food, style, lomography cameras and things that we do as a couple.

My favourite post: Winter Nights in Idaho plus Life Lately - I love these snowy photos! Also, Chestnut Mocha had a blog makeover in February and it's looking really spiffy.

I'm Jenny and I am a creator of many things.  I sew costumes and monsters, paint my face like animals, film and edit stories from my world and the worlds in my head, and write all about it in my blog. I have far too many ideas and projects and my blog is where I organize them all.

My favourite post: Found Favourites #1 - Some cute finds for the week, including a couple of gorgeous dresses! There's also some fun costume posts too!

ABJ Glassworks is a small handmade business based in Philadelphia, PA.  Working to create whimsical and modern pieces for the home using traditional stained glass techniques, and inspired by the nuances of light throughout the day and the changing of the seasons.  Each product is made with concern for the environment, using eco-friendly techniques, non-toxic flux, and lead-free silver alloy solder, creating pieces for the person who appreciates beauty, functionality and the natural world.

My favourite product: Universe Terrarium Kit, hinged - I adore all of Ashley's work, but I'd love a beautiful terrarium. I'm torn between this one and the hanging ones, but I do love the shape of this one!

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Hey there! I'm Lesley from By the Porchlight. I'm a 20-something living in Newfoundland (that's in Canada). I'm a fairly new blogger but I think I've come a long way in the past year. I love chatting about about diy and creativity, good food, good reads, good deeds and all of life's adventures! I hope you're stop by and say hi!

My favourite post: So Many Places to Go - A lovely travel wishlist that is so tantalising!

We think personal style is just another form of self-expression...and we make shoes for creative girls who can put together a look with effortless originality. Blowfish takes a break from the ordinary and a cue from the past. There's something unexpected in every shoe we create, just as there's something unexpected about every girl who wears them.

My favourite product: How about a wedge? Try Illi - not sure if I love tweed or black. Both? Or a flat? My pick is Nascha. I love the faux straw finish!

My name is Mo and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian , animal lover, pizza addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry.

My favourite post: Wishlist Wednesday - this particular one has the "Handbook for the Recently Deceased" and I cannot possibly go past that! Also, Mo just got engaged! You can read all about it here.

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and my blog is my little spot on the World Wide Web where I can produce a little sunshine, both for all of you and for myself. I've only had my blog for a couple months so I'm learning as I go along. My posts vary from make-up and fashion, YouTube videos- either my own or other's- and anything else that tickles my fancy.

My favourite post: Crystal Clear - It's more beautiful ice and snow pictures, what can I say? Beautiful.

I'm just a simply complex tattooed person who is finding my way in the world of books, baking, blogging, and a life in Athens, GA.  My musician husband/partner and our rescue animals - 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 fish - are also along for the ride.  You can meet them all on the blog!

My favourite post: What I See - A beautiful collection of photographs accompanied by some equally beautiful words. Plus, a new blog design! It's so pretty.

I created Share the Love in 2011 after getting engaged to my now-husband Sean. Initially, it was a private blog to share wedding information with my bridal party. After our wedding this past August, I decided to make my blog public, keep writing and see where this part of the journey leads me!  I had no idea how big (and fun!) was the blogging world. Now I write mostly for the social aspect, and for the love of writing.  And I write about things I love: food/cooking, vegetarianism, animals, art, my life.  Come say hi, I'd be honoured to "meet" you!

My favourite post: Vegan Tuesday: Cauliflower Poppers - yum. yum. yum.

The Vagabond Studio is an eco-friendy lifestyle blog dedicated to encouraging others to live a creative, sustainable, peace-loving life.

My favourite post: Icky Winter vs Natural Supplements - Because who doesn't want to keep healthy, naturally? I need all the immune boosters I can get, catching public transport, working in an office and becoming easily rundown with all the things I get up to.

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Hi there! I'm Chantilly, your friendly neighborhood singer/ songwriter. I sing about stupid crushes and write the best rainy day songs you've ever cried to. My website and personal blog features music, style posts, and chronicles the life and times of a creative gal in Brooklyn, NY.

My favourite post: Coffee Talk: Creativity - I love this post about accepting and taking joy in your creative ideas and inspirations and not being disappointed by your own expectations of success.

HIIIIIiii Friends - I am Maddie. People with my name are known to be excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions, and tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friend easily. We may be restless, untidy, and rebellious. That about sums me up in a nutshell... I hope you can stop by Thriftary some time and figure out the rest!

My favourite post: My Mom. My Friend. My Weekend - A lovely account of Maddie's mom's visit to Colorado, accompanied by more gorgeous, amazing snow photos!

Hi, I'm Sabrina and I run The Little Owl! My blog is all about my life in New York City as a college student, recipes, style tips, inspiration, and DIYs!

My favourite post: Five Recipe Fridays - I'm pretty sure I'll need to try that vegan Banana Almond Chocolate Ice-Cream as a special treat one day!

My Billie is a lifestyle and design blog focused on creative living and finding beauty in each day!

My favourite post: Good Words // 06 - Work Hard and Stay Humble, says it all really!

Hello, I am the girl behind princess corner, my happy place, where I share pretty things, lifestyle, art, fashion and more. Things that you should know, I am a vegetarian, fashion design student, now i am living in Costa Rica and I can´t wait to share more with you.

My favourite post: Presents For A Tea Drinker - How adorable is the fortune telling tea cup?

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I'm a vintage slingin' red head from Portland, Maine who owns a thrift store and runs an online shop.  I adore woodland creatures, 1950s dresses and zombies.

My favourite product: Camel Bandolino Sling Back Cage Sandals - I wish they were in my size! Gorgeous vintage sandals :)

Don't forget about my small sponsors too, there's some real gems over there >>> Just click their ads on the sidebar to immerse yourself in their goodness :)

Happy Monday! I hope you have a fabulous week,