What I Wore - Melted Gelato in Mango and A Turquoise Sea

For the first time in forever, C and I decided to get an ice-cream and head down to the beach on the weekend. I think that perhaps our enforced indoor activities after many weekends of being rained out induced some kind of sugar-craving cabin fever. There was the most amazing blue ice-cream, but it was bubblegum flavour, and although my inner-child cried out for it, my stomach knew better. I went for a mango sorbet, and boy was it melty. I don't know if it's just been a long time since I had an ice-cream cone and I've forgotten, or if this brand is particularly prone to melting, but I ended up in a bit of a mess. It was pretty fun to be honest :)

That face is a slight gross out and hoping that I didn't just dribble gelato all over my clothes as C was trying to photograph them. I think I was safe...

Blouse // Modcloth (old)
Shoes  // Tabbit c/o Blowfish
Sunglasses // Tumbleweeds Handcraft
Round Ring // Modcloth (freebie)

I like these jeans because unlike every other pair or BDG jeans I own, I didn't purchase them on the internet, they came from the UO store in New Orleans, so I always remember that moment I was walking down Decatur Street and spotted the store. Is anyone familiar with the old Decatur Street trick, "Let me tell you where you got your boots"? I'm pretty sure it's not limited to Decatur Street and unless you want to pay $10 for a spit shine, you best keep walking ;)


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