Blogger Interview - Little Lady Little City

I'm so pleased to introduce you to Amanda from Little Lady Little City today. Amanda is a blogger, cabin dweller, film-maker and road tripper! I've asked her some questions so you can find out a little more about her and her current projects.
You and your husband have been building your very own home in an abandoned apple orchard in West Virginia. How did this awesome plan come about, and how is it going?
The plan came about back in 2009 when Will and I both got tired of living in Los Angeles, and partnered with Will's parents to build a place. We found the apple orchard and started building the house soon after. It has taken a lot longer than we initially thought, but we just recently were able to move into the house from our tiny cabin. We still have a long way to go before it is finished but we are super happy with how far we've come already.
You're in the process of making a movie called "Connect Us". Can you share what this is all about?
After moving to the mountain we realized just how hard it is to get high speed internet outside of a big city. Around the same time Will's uncle ask us to make a little video about the importance of the internet to help his effort to bring high speed internet to rural Maine. Through helping him we found ourselves really drawn to the issue. We decided to educate ourselves on just what the internet is, so we travel around the country interviewing people whose lives have been changed by the internet. Once we started our travels the project really started to grow into a much more complex issue, and we've decided to try and raise some funds so we can make a full length film to really tell the story of internet. We've recently given it the title 'Connect Us'.
Where did your road trip for "Connect Us" take you?
From our place in West Virginia we went down to Dallas Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, Shaver Lake California, Napa Valley California, Portland Oregon, Salt Lake City Utah, Kansas City Kansas, and lastly Eastport Maine. So we seriously went from coast to coast hehe.
What was the most memorable experience on your road trip?
I really enjoyed getting to see Google Fiber in Kansas City. As someone who works solely online, seeing those internet speeds were beyond amazing. Also, getting to travel with our cat was wonderful. She seriously just kept amazing us with how great of a traveler she is.
You're basically living my dream, of living on a rural retreat and having the ability to work and make a living remotely. Do you have any advice for the wannabe 'work from an exotic location' folks?
I think my best advice would be to start planning now. Set a goal of when you want to be living and working from your remote location, and start working towards it. I think having an end date in mind helps to light the fire under your butt to get things done.

Now that you're back home, what's in store for the Little Lady?
We are really hoping to get some more work done on the house and also gear up to get back on the road to work more on the documentary. I am also hoping to get back into the kitchen and come up with some new recipes. I was lucky enough to get a Kitchen-Aid Mixer as a wedding gift, and it has seriously made my cooking life so much easier, I want to bake constantly!

If you'd like to read more about Amanda's adventures, you should check out her blog, Little Lady Little City. She is an inspiring lady, and I'm sure you'll enjoy her beautiful photographs and words.