Found #49

I always like to see photography that pushes me to do better myself. These food collages by Julie-Lee do the trick. Such a beautiful, creative way to show food!

I get quite a few emails about my hair, and lots of people saying they wish they were brave enough or allowed to have coloured hair at their job. You might have seen hair chalk already, I use it occasionally when I need a quick top-up. Urban Outfitters has a lovely starter kit with a bunch of mixable colours, and it's super cheap too! For the non-committed hair colourists out there, it washes out on the first wash.

I recently discovered the illustration work of Señor Salme. The shading really reminds me of Japanese manga, especially Akira. I love this image, Not In Kansas Anymore.

These photographs of Switzerland from Kris Atomic are so magical. Check out the post to see them all. Somehow the snow seems bright and cheerful instead of oppressive. Lovely photos.

Sometimes I have those days when I'm just not in the mood. This might come in handy, as an aid to let people know before it's too late ;)

This week, I really enjoyed Bridget's post: That time lo and I went on a long, snowy city walk & it felt like elementary school again. I always enjoy Bridget's blog, and this post was so lovely and poetic, I had to share it! If you have a minute, head on over and read this wonderful, evocative post, my favourite part is the description of acting out Little Women during recess. Love this girl.