Found #50

This Geometric Statement Necklace from Baba Souk is really beautiful. It's made in Montreal, Canada too! Horray for non-mass produced jewellery :)

via: Baba Souk

OK, forgive me, while you're looking forward to spring, I'm tumbling headlong into winter here! I might need a warm hat. I might need a warm hat with cat ears. I do need a warm hat with cat ears! How else will I stay warm on the windy train platforms while I go to and from work?
via: GMNYC

I adore these photographs by Erica Shires, they have a lovely, surreal quality to them.

If you're going to start watching a bunch of movies, you can't go to wrong by aiming to get through the Criterion Collection! Michele Rosenthal is doing just that, plus illustrating each film as she goes. This is one of my favourite films, so I it seems fitting I share this particular illustration :)

One day... I will have an office like this. Nature right in front of your face, plus a TREE inside! It's my dream space, I am in love.

via: SillyGrrl
Sarah always knows how to make me feel like I am not a TOTAL crazy person. I hope she's right, because this working 2-3-4 jobs at once can get a bit tiresome. I love reading SillyGrrl, there's always an encouraging word there. This week, in case you can't see from the picture, Sarah is helping those of us who are trying to freelance and work full-time at the same time. It's tough, but hopefully setting a good foundation for the future freedoms of this self-employed hopeful.

Can you believe it's Friday already? Does anyone have exciting plans for the weekend? I'm off on a mini-break on Wednesday, so I might lay low until then, get some boring housework done ;)