Found #53

Today I am visiting Tokyo Disney! I'm so excited to be in Japan, so I thought I'd make a Japanese themed Found this week :)
Have you guys seen shironeko? I think he may be the MOST chilled out cat in the entire world. There are so many cute pictures of him (follow the link) but this is one of my favourites. I'm going to use my Japanese skills to translate his name for you too: Shiro = White Neko = Cat. WhiteCat. Makes sense.
via: Gro-o

I'm a little fond of the Kawachi Fuji Wisteria Tunnel. Just a little. It is nearby where I am traveling. Do you think it's worth a detour? hmmmm.
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Unfortunately this festival ended a few days before we touched down in Japan. How incredible does it look?! I love fairy lights. This is something else...

My favourite Japanese food :D It's a sweet of course. Have ou tried Mochi? They'e also called Daifuku. Check out the image link if you want a detailed description! They are a sweet rice treat. My favourite is Azuki, which have a red bean filling.

I am beside myself about visiting Koyasan in about a week's time. This heritage listed area is so incredibly beautiful, it looks like a film set! We are staying in a temple with some monks. This cemetery has the lanterns lit each evening at twilight. I cannot believe we are going here.

I hope your weekend is awesome! We are off to Shibu-Onsen on Sunday to relax in some hot springs and visit the Snow Monkeys :D