Guest Post with Magic Cat Jenny - Vlogging vs Blogging

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Hi, I'm Jenny and I am a blogger and I'm also a YouTuber.  Yes, one of those people unafraid to talk to a camera and who find more peace in editing a video for hours than taking a hot bath.  I open up to the world and un-anonymously share my opinions. I do random sketches and make beautiful music videos.  I collaborate with people I've never meet in person and meet people in person whom I have known online only for months. It's a strange world to those not experiencing it, but once you give it it a shot it can be amazing.

A shot from 'Don't Forget' my half of a two part story I wrote with another YouTuber.
My channel, MagicCatJenny, is a little over a year old.  I have been vlogging, however, for about three years now. The trick to understanding YouTube and the community is to become fully immersed in it.  You can't just post a video and let it be, you have to communicate with other vloggers.  Subscribe to channels, comment on their videos, and don't expect a thousand views overnight.  I have just over 700 subscribers but I worked for them and I am quite far from being 'well known'.  I create videos because I enjoy it, it's my passion, and I never do anything 'just for the views'.

In this video I am talking about a collab channel I was a part of for over a year. I show a time-laps of my experience as a part of the channel.
My channel is not too specific in content.  I do vlogs (video blogs) where I talk to the camera directly and ask questions or talk about whatever I feel like.  They are a bit silly and I love experimenting with different editing tricks.  I know a lot of local bands and sometimes I make music videos to their songs for fun.  Other times they'll commission me to make an official music video for them.  I also have been posting episodes from the series I directed, edited, and co-wrote in college.  It's a spoof reality show called LMU's Next Top Ridicously Good-Looking Person.

A photoshoot scene from LMU's Next Top Ridicously Good-Looking Person.
So take a look at my channel and subscribe if you are intrigued.  Also, if you are new to YouTube and are looking to start a channel, let me know! I can answer questions and help you out. Lots of bloggers use YouTube and Vimo interchangeably but they are both very different. YouTube is where you want to be if you are looking for more than just a video hosting service.  Good luck!

Blog: (I wrote more about my YouTube history there, check it out!)

Thanks for sharing your vlogging experiences Jenny! Personally I quite enjoy watching bloggers vlog, it's always fun to see someone's body language and hear their voice when you're so used to just reading their words on a screen. What do you guys think?