Instagram Miscellany

Well, it's been a really long time since I shared any of my Instagram snaps, so I thought today might be the day. You can follow my Instagram adventures @kittyandbuck or on the web here.
1 // Some flowers for a lovely work colleague's birthday
2 // Freshly dyed fringe - that Manic Panic yellow NEVER comes out!
3 // Coffee/Bookstore date with C.
4 // Hot Milo and a Tim Tam (thoroughly Australian treats)
5 // How to eat them - it's called a Tim Tam Slam. You bit the opposite corners off the Tim Tam and use it as a straw.
6 // The hot milo turns the Tim Tam into an exploding melty mess that you must put in your mouth all at once, quickly, before it is lost to physics.
7 // My sister is allergic to cats and she lives in the outback, she let me hold her fur-baby, a Central Bearded Dragon named Bugalugs who came on an almost week-long car trip to Sydney.
8 // The first cherries of the season, added as a little bonus in my organic veggie box delivery :)
9 // Claude, Dibney and Happy, our resident Cobras and Mongoose.