Modcloth Style Gallery

For all of you bloggers out there who do outfit posts, have you seen the new(ish) ModCloth Style Gallery? It's a bit of fun, and a lovely community where you can share your latest outfit pictures (you don't HAVE to be wearing Modcloth, or be a blogger). All you need to do is choose a clear, in-focus, full length photo and submit it for approval. You can tag items in the outfit that are from Modcloth, or similar ModCloth items, and your picture will be sent to the submission-fairies for approval. You receive an email once it's approved and a link to the gallery.
In the gallery, you can browse other looks and "heart" your favourites. It doesn't feel like a popularity contest, although you can be featured in the 'most-loved' section if you get a lot of hearts. It's nice to browse through and see some real girls as an alternative to Chictopia and, which I enjoy (periodically) but feel a little intimidated by! I've seen gorgeous, fashionable older ladies, and gals of all shapes and sizes, even a guy or two! It's a fun way to discover new blogs too. They're having a competition at the moment where you can upload your picture and win $100 in ModCloth vouchers! I'm definitely sending a few more in! You can also win one of two $50 vouchers just by 'loving' some looks. I've included some images from ladies who are consistently my favourites on there.
Have you uploaded any images? I have a few there, and was even featured on the Modcloth homepage advert for the Style Gallery a little while ago :D I'll keep my eye out for you, and be sure to give you some love.