Sort of a DIY - Packing Light

So many people are alarmed, shocked and look ready to call the men in white coats when I say I like to travel with only a carry-on bag, even for holidays that last for 6 weeks. It's really important to me to be comfortable and not stressed out when I'm traveling and for me, lugging around a humongous suitcase full of my entire wardrobe is not cool. I'll make a disclaimer. I've paid for a checked bag on the way back in case I go shopping. So I may bring a suitcase back. But I don't expect it to be full, even after thrift shopping in Koenji and visiting the folk artists in Takayama :) This is whats in my suitcase:
We have two black tunics that can be worn under a skirt/dress for warmth and also layered with each other, a knitted black top that can go with jeans, a skirt and over my dress. A stripy top to go with jeans and a skirt and a pyjama top for sleeping in. (that's usually how I use pyjama tops, but I thought I'd be clear!) Very important is my eye mask for sleeping peacefully on the plane (ha!) and in hotels/inns and guest houses, where you never know how bright it might be from sunrise, street lights, hotel lighting etc. I'm also wearing some clothes too, you'll see the outfit in tomorrow's post :) Also, you might notice I'm not bringing a skirt, but I'm talking about one. I'll buy one in Japan, I hope!

The right pile is: One pair of jeans, my Uptights cat leggings (they can double as sleeping pants if it gets cold, or gym pants if I'm feeling crazy) 3 x pairs of tights, they all work with everything in my suitcase colour-wise. Four pairs of brand new socks, because my shoes will be coming on and off a LOT. I figure, each night I can wash socks in the basin if I can't find a laundromat, and in Tokyo, I'll definitely be buying a couple more pairs of super cute socks (I can feel it in my bones)

All of my outfits are interchangeable, and with what I have here, I have a different outfit for at least 6-8 days running.

My cosmetics are pared right down for traveling too. The main thing is contact lens solution (bor-ring). I have a small cleanser, moisturiser, tinted sunscreen, deodorant. Some foundation and primer for going out, mascara. Three lip shades (pink, orange and red) and eyeliner. Oh and lip balm and toothpaste. If I need anything else, I'll buy it over there.

Things that are not pictured - my spare pair of shoes, hair straightener and about 8 pairs of underwear. That should tide me over until we find a laundromat. Oh and one spare bra. In my handbag I have my wallet, travel documents, two cameras, camera charger and spare SD cards, and 2 books. And that's it!

I'd love to tell you more, but I think it explains itself, and my plane leaves in, oh, 4 hours. Time for a nap! I hope this helps you out if you're trying to pack light. Remember to mix and match outfits, pare down your cosmetics to the bare minimum and pack light! It makes life so much easier!