What I Wore - Daisies in the Breeze

I like to keep Kitty & Buck honest, so I should inform you that you've been told a little white lie today. See where it says breeze, up there in the title of this post? What it should say is gale-force winds. But it didn't sound as poetic. I hope you forgive me. As usual, my master photographer saved the day, I honestly don't know how C managed to capture anything useful, since the whole shoot was me yelling and trying to hold my dress down, much to the delight of random passers-by. Oh sometimes I wonder why I do these things to myself...

As you can probably tell, I took these photos right after I left the hair salon. Really. Sigh. Anyway, my roots and 'surrounds' are much darker than before and ready for a splash of contrasty pastel colours methinks. Just need a spare three hours now.

Cardigan // Dangerfield
Betty Red Clogs // c/o Moheda
Flower Brooch // Thrifted - Katoomba, Australia
Golden Kitty Brooch // Thrifted - London, England (gift)
Skull Ring // Japan
Gargoyle Urn Ring // Metal Couture (similar)