What I Wore - Little Blue Boots

I found this lovely blouse in an antique shop in Katoomba, which is about 1 hour's drive west of Sydney, nestled in the Blue Mountains. The town has a definite Art Deco vibe (which I LOVE!) and is full of book stores and antiques. I really love visiting there. I think I may have found this blouse on this trip, actually. A little while ago, when I was going crazy out-of-my-mind, I booked one of those daily deal getaways. It was a total bargain, I had to! Only about a month later, we booked our Japan trip. So now I'm going on two holidays, a mid-week break next week to visit Katoomba for a couple of days, and then 2 weeks later, we'll be in Tokyo. Crazy, huh? I felt a little bad having a double holiday, but I told myself "you're worth it" haha.

Oh my hair. It has reached a state of desperation. There are a couple of pink threads hanging in there, but rest assured, it will be receiving the full treatment before my Japan holiday. I couldn't go to Harajuku with plain hair *gasp* (I'm joking, but I am doing my hair)
These boots are exactly one million years old. You know when a seat gets your butt groove in it? Yes?These boots have my toes grooves, heel grooves and they feel fine.
Blouse // Vintage (Katoomba, Australia)
Boots // Dr Martens (Made in England) - old
Six Shooter Earring // old
Blue Cuff Bracelet // Gift
Banana Necklace // Made by C (from thrifted elements)


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