What I Wore - On The Plane

This is my outfit for traveling on the plane to Japan. We have to fly first from Sydney to the Gold Coast, QLD, which is a 1 1/2 hour flight. We are stuck in the beautiful Gold Coast (airport) for 3 hours and then board a 9 hour flight to Tokyo. Obviously I'd like to be comfortable. To complement my 'Packing Light' theories, I also try to wear my largest/heaviest items on the plane. This serves me well in a couple of ways. 1. It lightens my luggage. When I'm wearing my biggest heels and coat, my bag has so much more room inside. 2. I get cold on the plane, and sometimes the blankets they give you aren't very warm, so it's good to have something cosy to wear when you're 10,000ft in the air.

I apologise for the quality of these photos, we ran out of daylight hours, a gal's gotta work! I hope this gives you the right idea, and rest assured, you'll be seeing this outfit properly during my adventures :)

I'll also be keeping in mind that while Sydney is currently around 30ºC (90F), we arrive in Tokyo in the evening and it's going to be closer to 6ºC (40F) So I might be hot in Sydney, but I'll need the layers on the plane, and when we land.

I generally wear all of my bulky jackets on the plane, though I try to only bring one. This time I have my (p)leather jacket (not pictured) and my cape! Because we'll be walking a lot, and we will be visiting the mountain regions, it will probably be quite chilly, so I'm bringing an extra layer that can be worn together if I get cold.

How incredible are these shoes?!? They were a Christmas gift from C's brother, who found them for me in London when he was on holiday last year. He saw them, said, what could be better for Shell than shoes that are blue AND red AND polka dotted AND gingham AND have a bow AND have cute critters dangling off them? NOTHING. As an added bonus he gave me the matching bag as well... Should I keep him as a brother-in-law? I think I might... I had to bring these shoes to Japan. I won't wear them everyday, but there's nothing better to wear on a night out in Tokyo. I broke my shoe limit rule this time. Sorry! But these are special :) Nico is extremely upset that we are packing suitcases. It breaks my heart to leave the babies behind, but they will be getting plenty of love and cuddles, and we'll be back in no time!

I'll write more about my specific wardrobe items in the outfit posts I do in Japan, I can't wait to tell you all about this dress! In love ❤
The "Foxglove" Party Dress // Isabel Knowles
Cape // (old) from Saxony
Shoes/Bag // Irregular Choice
 Microfiber Baby Blue Tights // We Love Colors
Brooch // c/o Under The Shade Of A Bonsai Tree
Necklace // Telescope gift from C
Necklace // St Christopher medallion
(not a Catholic, but it's a gift of the Patron Saint of travel, which is good enough for me!)