Found #54

Coming to you from Kyoto this weekend! I hope you enjoy my selection this week. I'm still reading all of your comments, I apologise if I'm not replying to all of them, it's a bit tricky finding WiFi and working off my phone! But they're heard and appreciated and I'll be talking back to you again soon (not too soon I hope - I'm trying to make this trip last!)

First up, and I hope this doesn't alarm anyone, we have some kangaroo leather wallets and coin purses from tooth&nail. Kangaroos in Australia are eaten traditionally, and more recently as an environmentally friendly alternative to beef and more traditional meats. I wonder what you guys know and think about this? I have my own thoughts, but jeez, I'm just trying to show you these nice wallets!

My current eye mask has seen (ha!) better days, I thought I might make myself a new one, but this one is so cute, and much less effort on my part. Hm...

Because I do Motion Graphics for work, I saw the call out to submit work for this collaborative project between animators and Shane Koyczan, called To This Day. Shane has recorded his poem as spoken word and a bunch of wonderful animations have been Frankenstein-ed together to create a short film drawing attention to bullying. It's an amazing film, I don't often share videos, but please watch and share this short one, it's very poignant and the animation is really nice to watch, too. In his words, it's an expression of solidarity and compassion.

If you've been around these parts for a little while, you're probably used to my obsession with foggy landscapes. Patrick Hübschmann has shot some beautiful images, this one is from the series Forest and Trees.

I keep thinking more and more this year about creating by hand, since I spend so much time on the computer, I suppose. I'm always inspired bu beautiful and simple illustrations. I love this Flowers Of America print by Keiko Brodeur, available through her Etsy store Small Adventure

At the risk of sounding smug or gloat-y, I'll be spending the weekend wandering the old streets of Kyoto, visiting the Inari (rice) shrine that is guarded by fox spirits, and hopefully spotting some Geisha/Geiko and Maiko rushing about. What are your plans?