Found #55

 I love photographs of signage, I hope to do a series one day. This one is beautiful.

The Violet And I lookbook has me thinking about you Northern Hemisphereans entering spring. I hope these pretty photos get you in the mood (like you need any help).

This Geometric Peter Pan Collar necklace from Sydney based Little Dirty Dish is so pretty.

The Element Eden 2013 photoshoot has me looking forward to winter! There's cozy crochet blankets, warm sweaters and knitting. Looks pretty nice to me :)

Annija Muižule's photographs are so pretty, and giving me more winter love feelings.
via: Flickr

We're just finishing up in Yakushima (google it, it's incredible!) and going on an 8 hour bullet train ride back to Tokyo tomorrow. I hope your weekend is wonderful, it's my last weekend in Japan :( I hope you're up to more than sitting on a train, though I definitely can't complain, the scenery is beautiful, the trains are fast and we'll be back in Tokyo soon.