Found #56

I love these Meadowlark stacking rings! There's quite a few cute designs going on there :)

This photograph by Brooke Shaden is beautiful, something about underwater photography, especially with flowing cloth, is just so magical.

This print from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy is so pretty and colourful! I need something cheery like this in my office I think.

These shoes! I love the cutout details, and the colour.
via: ModCloth

I stumbled across this shop called "I Like Birds" the other weekend with Penny, they have a wonderful collection of carefully selected vintage and handmade homewares. As an added bonus, they are reasonably priced too! I wish I bought the buttercup coloured canisters that were 15% off. But I really don't have the space, so it was probably a wise move. They are located on William Street in Paddington for any Sydney-siders :)

So, we're back from Japan, what an incredible place! I have so many pictures so go through, edit and backup, I think my weekend will be fairly busy with that. Hopefully I can bring you some Japan posts starting next week. There are so many stories, meetings and adventures to share with you! The people were so welcoming and kind, it was an absolute pleasure. I want to go back, right now!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, are you up to anything exciting?