Found #57

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend who I've not seen in a long time. She has been living in London, and before that, Italy, so its been awhile. Aletheia Casey is one of (the!?) most talented photographers I know. She's passionate about social and environmental issues, and  really focussed on sharing truths rather than sensation. I hope in the not-too-distant future you'll be hearing a lot more about her work, and not just from me. This image is from her series "Water Pollution in Iran: Unreported Issues" (please check out the series, it's a side of Iran that is rarely, if ever, shown) Thanks to our meeting, I found out that the legendary James Nachtwey is doing a talk in Sydney, so we are all heading along, to listen to a photographic legend in a few weeks time!

Next up is another photograher, I'm feeling all photo-happy this week. (Who am I kidding? I'm always photo-happy!) Look at these amazing images captured by Dillon Marsh. Taken in the Kalahari, they document the Sociable Weaver Birds appropriation of telephone poles, creating wonderful organic shapes draping over the simple structures. Nature, huh?

I think I may be turning into a regular Imelda Marcos. I've had my beady eyes on these pretty ladies for, oh, at least 6 months now. I keep 'stumbling' across them online, I'm almost ready to take it as a sign. Once I've replenished my bank account after Japan... maybe.
via: ModCloth

This is the time of year when it starts to become apparent that the seasons are changing. I'm heading into winter, and the majority of my lovely blog readers, summer. So I'm looking at cosy winter garments, and I just don't care. I'm gonna share. This cape is so delightful. I got a little cranky wearing a cape all the time in Japan, but it was the only 'coat' I brought along and it was freeeezing! It's just kind of impossible to wear a cape and use your arms at the same time, I was restricted to moving only from the elbows, or mid forearm down. And it was raining. How do you operate an umbrella in those conditions? Anyway. Enough about MY problems. How about this one? Plenty of arm movement freedom AND a hood AND enormous fluffy pom-poms. A girl couldn't ask for much more. Oh, except that it be designed and hand made in Australia. Thank you, Pretty Parcel. Be warned, there's more awesome where this came from.
Big rings. I love 'em. I don't have any DOUBLE big rings yet, though... After checking out Pamela Love, I may have found the perfect double deal. I love the contrast of the spikes with the hand-drawn aesthetic of the carvings in the metal. And I really can't go past a nice turquoise.

via: Design Love Fest I love a good DIY that doesn't take too much effort, because let's face it, if it takes a long time, it ain't gonna happen (for me). This DIY Control Your Cords on Design Love Fest is perfect! I have this problem with cables too. With all of the computers, music gear, camera gear and hard drives, it's generally a tangle of cables that makes me cringe when I poke my head under the desk. This is such a simple idea to pretty up your cables, with Washi tape! And if you enter my Japan Omiyage giveaway, you might just win and have some suplies to get started with right away!

I wish I could tell you what's happening this weekend, but I'd be lying. I have no idea. Hopefully some more catching up with friends, getting ahead on some blog planning, design and perhaps even a nanna nap with the fuzzballs. Before I let you go, imagine this. Yesterday, we were having a little backyard picnic, the kitties were lounging around and a really confused rainbow lorikeet flew into our clothesline pole, concussed itself and tumbled onto the grass. You should've seen the ladies. It was like every Christmas came at once! "A bird! Just there on the grass? I will eat it." Luckily, even in it's dazed state that bird sensed imminent doom and removed itself from the situation, stat. Cats. This is why they only go outside supervised. They cannot be trusted. Though, credit where it's due, for the first time ever, Nico brought us a present about a month ago, but it was a lizard, and it was drool-y but well and truly alive. She's not too much of a vicious killer. Unless you're vulnerable to cuddles.