Japan Omiyage Giveaway - Souvenirs for you!

Since I was in Japan, and there was an abundance of amazing, cute things that I just don't run into every day, I very quickly learned some key Japanese phrases to describe my feelings. Take a lesson:

Ehhhh!! (Sounds like "air" without the 'r' sound on the end)
Used to exclaim surprise, if you tone up, it's good surprise, of you end lower, bad surprise.

Heehhhhh! (Same as above, but with an 'h' at the start)
An exclamation used when something is particularly interesting, rather than surprising.

Kawaii!! (I'm sure you're familiar, but in case you're not, it's pronounced "ka-why" sometimes extending the 'y' sound into infinity and to an upwards pitch that Mariah Carey would be envious of)
It means "Cute".

Sagoii (Sounds like sa-goy)
This one is when you want to say "wow" or "cool" or "rad". I mean, I used it for all of those expressions, and the kind-hearted Japanese smiled at me, so they tolerated my appalling vocabulary.

Omiyage (oh-mee-ya-ge)
Is usually used for candy boxes and food souvenirs, but can be used for general souvenirs too, so when people looked at my bulging suitcase, I had to explain it contained "omiyage".

There. Now you have some Japanese language skills. All of the items I'm about to show you made me say at least one of those words when I saw them. And I thought to myself, I should buy some omiyage for my wonderful blog readers! So I cobbled together this awesome prize pack that I'm going to send to one lucky Kitty & Buck reader.
Here's a list of the delicious contents:
1. Apple Sunglasses from Shibuya, Tokyo
2. Hello Kitty limited edition artist designed scarf from Shibuya, Tokyo
3. Ombre Frill cotton socks in pink from Tabio socks, my new favourite sock shop, Harajuku, Tokyo
4. Cotton and Peephole lace Polka Dot socks from Tabio socks, Harajuku, Tokyo
5. Popin Deer animal cover for your headphone socket on your phone, iPod etc. from Shinjuku, Tokyo
6. Keiki (CAKE) Eraser set from Miyajima
7. Jelly Lens Macro lens accessory for your phone, digital camera etc. from Shibuya, Tokyo
8. Toadstool Pen from Shibuya, Tokyo
9. Three rolls of MT Washi tape from Shibuya, Tokyo
10. Lucky Dip cat phone charm from a vending machine from Shinjuku, Tokyo
11. Artist Felt Brooch - Raccoon playing a Drum, made by "Konatsu" if my Japanese reading works from Shinjuku, Tokyo
12. Tube of Breath Palette in Tsugaru Apple flavour (it's toothpaste!) from Shibuya, Tokyo
13. Blythe 2013 Schedule Book from Shinjuku, Tokyo
14. Cute Hedgehog wearing a top hat button from Shibuya, Tokyo
15. 6-pack of Juice Gel pens in Pastel colours :D from Shinjuku, Tokyo
16. Washi Tape stickers with neko theme (kitty stickers) from Kyoto
17. Pop Culture Stickers, Illustrated by Yumi Moriwaki, from Shinjuku, Tokyo
18. Mezzo Piano stinkin' cute band-aids (not sure if they are sterile though...) from Kyoto
19. I ❤ Tokyo sticker from Shinjuku, Tokyo
All you have to do to enter is follow my blog on Bloglovin'! Easy peasy. I added some bonus entries too, in case you really, really want this awesome pile of stuff. Open to everyone on this fine planet. I can't remember how much it's all worth, but it's around $100 - a pretty decent haul, and I wouldn't mind if I won it!

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