Looking to Advertise in May?

It's that time! If you're looking to advertise your blog or business in May, these April days are running short. You know what they say about April Showers? You can see C and I splashing around in Ueno Park, Tokyo, above. Don't worry, there were no pink critters under our feet, just rain and blossoms. And a guarantee of May flowers, I believe.
Now that I've had an oh-so-refreshing break, it's back to business (it never really stopped) and there's some great posts planned for Kitty & Buck in May. I'm constantly striving to write better tales, take better pictures and offer my readers a better experience, and it reflects with the constant growth of our readership. I have some fun fashion posts lined up for May, great giveaways and a DIY post or two. I'll also be gradually sharing some amazing photos and stories from our big Japan adventure, it's going to be fun!
If you're interested in advertising, and know the score, you can head over to our advertise page, check out the most recent stats and purchase now. If you'd like to find out more, or have any questions for me about sponsorship or ad design, feel free to send me an email. One of the 2 available XL ads is already snapped up for May. The Large ads are currently full, but a few spots will become available soon, you can purchase now and you'll go in the queue, with your ad automatically starting when a spot frees up.

Thanks so much for considering advertising on Kitty & Buck, and thank you to my current sponsors for hanging out in April, it's been a fab month and I love having you on the team!