March in Review

Well March has gone by in a flash! I suppose I was so caught up in planning for our holiday that everything else is a blur. Here's a reminder of our favourite posts this month:

I snapped some photos as I drive through the car wash for the very first time. I was pretty excited and delighted, it's a little scary but so much fun! I love how the photos came out too, I was worried they'd be blurry and nonsensical, but I managed to get some really interesting shots.

A fun outfit shot on a gloomy day. I love all of my 'fruit' accessories, I have a pretty good collection now.

I hope my travel and vacation tips helped any would-be travellers out, I enjoyed sharing my tips gained from my travel experiences over the years.

Photos by the beach on a super windy day! In one of my favourite dresses :)

This interview with Amanda was so much fun to write and I really enjoyed reading her answers as well, I hope you found it interesting.

One last travel-themed post, because so many people cannot believe we travel with carry-on across the world. In this post I show you how!

C and I took a little jaunt up to Katoomba, which is about an hour and a half driving west of Sydney. It's a lovely little Art Deco era town in the mountains, and I'm actually going to cheat and share some pictures from our trip over the next couple of Wordless Weekend posts, as I won't be editing photos in Japan (I'll save the Japan scenery for when we return) I booked the couple of nights in the mountains on a whim, needing a refresh from the city, and then a few weeks later, booked Japan. I considered cancelling the mountains trip, but hey, you can never have too many holidays, I say!

Everything else is really a blur for me this month, so I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading, following and commenting, I love hearing your thoughts and sharing stories and inspirations with you. April holds some exotic Japan adventures for me, so I'm looking forward to my next monthly recap so I can tell you more about it!