What I Wore - In Japan. A Kitsune Meets a Cat in a Dark Alley

I wish I had more time to shoot outfit pictures in Japan. Or perhaps that I felt more like taking them. It was actually really cold over there, so most of the time, I was wearing everything. At once. We shot these pictures on our last day in Tokyo though, and it was starting to warm up, and the sun finally peeked out and said hello.
This series of tiny laneways was directly behind our hotel in Shinjuku, and is called Golden Gai. It's one of the areas of Tokyo that was spared during the WWII bombing campaign and boasts an older and more ramshackle architectural style than the glass skyscrapers people think of when they imagine Tokyo. It's basically a network of around 200 small bars now, most of which can only seat 6 or so patrons. Each bar has it's theme, and you could wander around all night finding a place that suits your fancy.
There were so many fascinating nooks and crannies to explore, and C took full advantage of the awesome wiring and architecture shots available! We also met the resident cat, Shiro-Neko. Well, I'm not sure what it's name was, but we dubbed it Shiro-Neko, which means "White Cat". Shiro-Neko was quite aloof but grew to trust us, and on this last day, plopped right in front of C as he was trying to shoot and demanded a belly rub. Now. We both know better than to argue with a cat who needs a belly rub.
I should also tell you about this dress! I had it made right before I left by the talented Isabel Knowles. How adorable is the fox print?! The dress is made from organic cotton by the lady herself, right there in her studio in Devon. I asked for mine a little longer than the standard, so I can wear it without tights. Isabel took my measurements and, voila, a custom made dress, just for me. I feel pretty special :)
I'm wearing a lot of jewellery because we are catching a flight and I'd rather wear it than have it lost in a suitcase somewhere. I adore this skeleton hair clip from Harajuku, and it works equally well clipped onto a shirt. The girl took it out of the bag when I bought it though, so I don't remember the name of the shop. It's next to the Mexican Restaurant off the main alleyway by the station if you're in the neighbourhood ;)
I hope you enjoyed my first outfit post from Japan, I have just one more, but plenty of other photos to share too, including other people's outfits!
Fox (Kitsune in Japanese) Dress // Isabel Knowles
Skeleton Hair Clip // Somewhere in Harajuku, Japan
Cathedral Ring (one of three) similar available though // Metal Couture Jewelry
Octopus Ring // Octopus Me
Wooden Bead Bracelet // Souvenir from Yakushima (it smells like the island - Cedar flavor)
Apple Wristlet // Gift (old)
Relaxing Rabbit Necklace // Online here
(I feel like a complete jerk, I have the business card of the guy who made this rabbit necklace, but do you think I can find it anywhere?? I will have a more thorough look when it's not midnight and let you know. It looks like you can purchase online through a third party website, but I will update with his direct details once I find them.)