Wordless(ish) Weekend #20 - Fashion in Japan Part 1

I'm going to add a couple of captions, just to explain some things, since it's a special Japan post!

In case you wondered what shopping in Harajuku is like: (I hate crowds - it took a lot of determination to force myself down that street - would I go back? No. But it was interesting... sort of.)
FYI, Japanese girls (I presume) are obsessed with cake. Many clothing store displays include a special (completely unrelated to the store - I think) cake section...
 This is in Koenji, and there was no way I was ignoring that cat sign! Up to the 2nd floor it is.
The sales girls were adorable - one was excited to tell me she'd been to Perth, Australia - nothing against Perth, but I wonder why someone would go there, and only there, when they visit here. Seems an odd choice... Entering Spank was like stepping into a my little pony plush house. Mostly vintage, all pastel, and bizarrely, a whole section of 80's - 90's pyjamas from America. I bought an I ❤ Spank badge. I felt like an awkward gargantuan thing in there. I guess I was...
The owner/designer of Egothic in Shibuya. She's also a musician. There were lots of fun things in her store, including her own designs using Kimono fabrics and draping.
This shopkeeper in Koenji was a DUDE. He even abandoned his shop and RAN through the streets looking for Japanese band shirts for us. And then he played us some bass.
 I'll leave you with this couple from Harajuku,  check out the teddy bear on her butt!! And the blood spatters on his coat. Kind of a naughty and nice thing going on there I think.


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