Photo of me taken by C in Takayama, Japan

Watching //
We went on a little Noir kick lately and watched Chinatown (which I'd never seen before!) with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. I really enjoyed it. Speaking of films I meant to watch earlier, we also finally saw L.A. Confidential (keeping with the noir theme) I can't believe I missed this (even though I had heard great things about it). Kevin Spacey is brilliant as usual, and for the first time ever, I didn't want to turn off a movie that Russell Crowe was in. His Aussie bloke-ness and aggressive demeanour normally bothers me so much I can't bear to watch him, but in this film, he was actually quite good. Wonders never cease. We also have a film stashed away to watch one night soon, Fire Walk With Me, the prequel to Twin Peaks. It's time to re-watch Twin Peaks I think, so we will start with the film and work our way through. I may even finish the second series this time! I should mention, even though it's a prequel, Fire Walk With Me has some spoilers, so don't watch it if you've never seen Twin Peaks. If you've never seen Twin Peaks, get thee to a Twin Peaks watching station of some description. It really is the best blend of surreal drama and quirky mysteriousness that you'll probably ever lay eyes on.

Listening To //
I generally listen to music on the train and at the gym. On the train it's been a French Psychedelic collection that C put on my phone (it's one of my favourite kinds of music!) and Nick Drake. You know, so I can feel more melancholic on my way to the office ;) At the gym, I've been having a run to Crystal Castles. C has been dancing to Haxan Cloak.

Planning //
I am planning a few things at the moment. But I'm afraid that they are strictly confidential. I'm not saying that to pique your interest or anything manipulative like that. I just have to keep it a little hush-hush right now while I work out some details, iron out the creases and prepare my plans for public consumption :)

Thinking About //
I find myself thinking more and more about the purpose I want my life to hold. Like so many, I don't feel content to be a passenger in my life, and I'm working hard at taking a little more control of my direction, instead of floating along with the current. I wonder about everyone who feels this way, and how many succeed, and how many CAN succeed. I wonder how much the internet has given people a sense of entitlement at living the life they want, instead of the life that our culture traditionally dictates. I'm thinking about how I can feel more satisfied with my contribution and move forward in a constructive, considerate way and contribute to my community in a meaningful fashion. Nothing too heavy. Sometimes I think about the shapes in clouds and what I'll cook for dinner too. Sometimes cats.

Looking Forward To //
I'm looking forward to my little sister's wedding in July! And I'm looking forward to putting our electric blanket on the bed (Hello Weekend). The quilt we call 'The Cloud' has already made it's way onto our bed, it is the fluffiest, warmest, softest quilt you can ever imagine, we lose cats inside of it's puffs. I don't mind the winter when I have The Cloud to snuggle in. I look forward to brisk mornings, hot chocolate evenings and the freshness of winter.

Reading //
I've been reading a lot lately, and soon I will share some book reviews in my Book Nook feature. Right now, I am reading "The Lake" by Banana Yoshimoto and "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase" by Joan Aiken. C is reading "The Rings of Saturn" by W.G. Sebald and "Insomnia" by Stephen King.

Making Me Happy //
Exercising with C at the gym, cat snuggles, laughing until tears come out, meeting fellow travellers in Japan and feeling like we are in Kikujiro, bidding each new friend farewell at bus stops and train stations, meeting 'Baldy' from Kikujiro (!), communicating in a new (previously learned and forgotten) language, feeling more certain of plans for the future, digging in the garden, feeling healthier (thanks to the gym and being more organised in the kitchen), posies of flowers, being brave enough to bathe in an onsen (communal hot spring) in Japan, being brave enough to try all kinds of new foods in Japan, feeling energised and ready for anything!
Thanks to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for encouraging these posts!


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