Found #58

Innocently browsing my inbox today, I skimmed past the usual emails about fabulous exotic destinations that I won't be going to, job ads and offers of exorbitant amounts of cash from 'sick, rich' people and opened my Frankie magazine newsletter. There's always fun little links inside, and today it was this Cat Pot. I am now officially in love, like I needed an excuse for more cat stuff.
via: Miriam Brügmann (first spotted in the Frankie newsletter)

On the topic of plants, it's that time of year where I need to pull out all of my annuals, refresh my potting mix and generally clean up the garden as it looks like a crazy cat lady's conservatory. Some green tufts of cat grass and a lot of dead stuff. I thought it might be a good idea to plan the garden a little more this year, and prepare it for spring (it'll take me that long to sort it out in spare moments during the next few months). It may be a little ambitious for my welding skills but the idea of a vertical garden like this is super appealing to me right now. I love how simple the structure is and how many herbs I can plant in a small space (i.e. the 1 metre section of my garden that has full sun)


I clearly have a problem with Eva Franco. A 'love' problem. I always talk myself out of it, but then she pops up when I least expect her to.
via: ModCloth

Growing up in my household, Friday nights were takeaway night. For my parents, they still are, usually  a Chinese feast with Wonton Soup and King Prawns (an Australian touch). When I was a kid, it was usually fish and chips (for me, 2 potato scallops and some chips (fries!) with tomato sauce) Now that I'm in charge, I have takeaway night whenever I feel like it, though it's not usually as regular as once a week. Tonight, though, it's Pancakes on the Rocks night. A once a year treat. No special reason, it was C's brother's idea. So here's a Friday night treat for you:

There's been a lot of thoughts swirling through my mind this week, I feel like there are some big changes on my horizon, which I will talk about in due course. Japan was a nice break from reality, and I feel refreshed and ready to take action and control. I really related to this post on Yours Truly, about courage.


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