Found #59

It's all about pretty things this week. I just keep seeing them everywhere. For my mind-stimulating activities, I've been reading more this week, and I think my internet browsing has been pretty limited to sweet items as I browse in my downtime. Speaking of books, I'm hoping that I will get my act together and feed some posts into "Kitty's Book Nook" again soon. It's been ridiculously long, and I've been reading up a storm, I can't wait to share :)

For now, let's talk about what I've Found. This dress. It's just so sweet, I love the little frilly pocket on the skirt, it's such a cute detail. I could never wear this, though. I'd spill something, the instant I put it on. I'm normally not clumsy, but put me in white clothing, and any grace goes out the window!

I spotted these shoes on Etsy today, aren't they lovely? I'm on a real handmade shoe kick lately. Ugh. I SO didn't mean to write a pun then, so I'm going to leave it. What a goof. Anyway, woody soles! Cute and adorable, and the shape is really unique.

Oh Asos, why are you so full of stuff? I tell you, the website is daunting to me, I can't deal with the sheer volume of stock. But once in a while, I get lucky and find something on the first page of my search. Like this cat dress! I just love how the ears form the bodice shape! Prrrp!
via: Asos

After visiting Japan, I have a newfound sock obsession. Not that I need any more socks, but if you do, these are pretty sweet!
via: Asos

The colours in this necklace remind me of my plastic bangle combination I used to wear when I was a little girl. Those were the days... The wood block on this one is great, I really like the combination of materials and the contrast between the shapes, it makes a fairly common style of necklace really unique.

via: Besotted
I've bookmarked this series from Besotted, there are five posts on "Becoming a Successful Blogger" I really enjoy reading Besotted, it's a great resource and inspiring blog if you are not already familiar with Tristan's work. I've checked out post #1 in the series, and I'm looking forward to catching up on the rest. Any bloggers out there looking for advice and encouragement, I definitely recommend having a read of this series! It's always nice to see a fresh perspective on things, right?

My weekend is jam-packed! I'm helping my sister with some wedding stuff (for her wedding!) tomorrow morning, and then, weather permitting, I'll be getting mean with the weeds in our garden. It's a big garden clean-up and hopefully some fresh plants going in tomorrow. And on Sunday, I mustn't forget, it's Mother's Day. There are lots of mothers, grandmothers, and other special mothers in my life, so I'll be galavanting all over saying hello and having multiple cups of tea, I imagine. I may even find time to shoot some pictures and do some design work as well. We'll see. What are your plans? Anything interesting or exciting happening? I hear that Spring is finally venturing into the more Northern parts of America, so I hope if you're supposed to be having Spring time that the snow has departed for now :)

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