Found #60

Have you seen the independent clothing label Lonely Kids Club? They are a Sydney based company, with a range of limited edition artist-collaborated fancy pants for your wardrobe. Well, not fancy pants, though they have those too... but Australian made and designed organic cotton t-shirts for guys and gals, plus sweaters, accessories and more stuff that you'll have to find for yourself, at their website. Oh, and Warwick, the founder, will send you a little handwritten note and drawing when you make an order. Cool, huh? (I got a Kitty drawing, of course, and I'll show you my sweater in an outfit post soon)

Speaking of lovely clothing, have you visited The Paraders lately? As a celebration of their website launch, they are hosting a contest to win a $150 shopping spree! For one entry, click here and enter your email. For two entries, share this unique link with your friends. Since there will only be one winner, to sweeten the deal the lovely Rachael from The Paraders is offering a 20% off coupon code to everyone who enters, including your friends that you refer!  After submitting your entry, you’ll receive an email with your unique coupon code. (Giveaway and coupon redemption ends 5/20/13) There are only a few days left to enter, so if you're looking for some nice vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, head over to The Paraders, stat. Don't forget to use the links above to enter the contest!

Check out these photographs by Noell S. Oszvald! They are quite heavily manipulated in post, but they are surreal and lovely.
via: Booooooom

This architectural project by Moon Hoon has the best bookshelf/slide/stairs combo! I always love seeing bookshelves built into stairs, probably because we have so many books, it seems like a brilliant idea to free up some space. But a slide as well? That's new and I love it!
via: Moon Hoon

How great are the colours in Eric Comstock's illustrations? They remind me of children's books discovered in my grandparent's attic. Don't even get me started on how adorable that apple is!

This week, I am cheating and sharing more than one post of the week. Because if you blog, you really need to read this post about getting off the blogging bandwagon by Sarah from Silly Grrl. Right Now. Capital "N".

Sophie caught my attention with a quote from Teddy Roosevelt: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Katie wrote about being OK with a quiet life.

And finally, I will insist that if you haven't already, you must read the series I shared last week from Besotted Blog, about how to be a better blogger, every post from the series of five is brimming with useful, easy to understand information, it's just wonderful.

So, it's the weekend, eh? I have a ton of work on, which isn't really that exciting. But right now, I'm headed to bed because we received a book in the mail today written by Tobias McGriff, (a signed copy, no less) who was the tour guide when we were in Savannah and thought it would be fun to go on the Midnight Zombie Tour. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was more of a historical tour of Savannah, with some ghost stories thrown in. Tobias was a great guide and if you're ever in Savannah, you should definitely go on that particular tour, there were no 'gimmicks' or rubber masks jumping out ;) Anyway. We received the book and C promised to read me a story in his best Southern accent, and I'm so excited, I really need to go right now and enjoy that! I hope hope you have a swell weekend, I'd love to know your plans in the comments!


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