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I was reading the news today and it mentioned that some kind of weather system is floating about that will make our winter wet miserable. Usually we have 2 seasons in Australia, generally hot / wet and cold / dry. The cold and wet combo I can do without, thank you very much. It puts me into an ironic mood where I feel like wearing my sunshine shoes to counteract the misery. These "Hello Sunshine" kicks from ModCloth could add to my sunny shoe collection for the coming dreary months.
via: ModCloth

I spotted the illustrations of Marcos Chin some time ago, and I quite enjoy his style, it reminds me a little bit of the Japanese artist Suehiro Maruo, but maybe less intense! The colours and perspective in this illustration are great and I like the shadow too :)
via: Behance

Danish home decor brand Miss Étoile has the most dainty range of cute dishes with little faces, polka dots and much more. Ooh-la-la!

This nautical style bag on Etsy is just perfect. I love the combination of colours and the simple shapes, and maybe I also like the breezy photo it comes packaged in :)

I know this seems counter-productive, strapping a notebook to your iPhone, but hear me out. Sometimes the tactile nature of paper and pen is just necessary to get an idea out. And sometimes, just sometimes, your phone battery won't last and you might get stuck in Japan at a strange subway station with no idea how to get home. The written word, in these situations, can serve as your life preserver. Sometimes a drawing of a map is better than a photo of one. Just sayin'
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Do you follow Betty Means Business? I find Betty aka Kate's posts useful, informative and to the point. After my little chat about not recording every moment this week, I came across this post, 3 Ways To Be Original, which nicely follows on from that idea, so I thought it may be a good idea to share.

You still have 2 more days (until the 26th May) to get 25% off ad space, you can read more details in my call for sponsors post. The XL ads are sold out for June, but you can lock in the discount price by reserving for July if you want to grab a great deal.

I'm not sure how it is the weekend already, I can't even think straight about everything I have to catch up on. Do you ever have a break and find it impossible to get back into a routine? I've found myself struggling to keep up with emails lately, so I apologise if I owe you one. There are a few exciting things happening and I'm just trying to stay on top of it all. The Vivid Festival started in Sydney tonight, so I'm hoping on Sunday that I will have a chance to capture some images like we did last year. (Vivid Festival Post #1, #2 and #3) Aside from that, it's just a little design work, garden work, house work, wedding work (my sister's!), sleeping work and gym work I think. I might do some eating work too. Jeez, everything is work-work-work right now. I just want to do nothing sometime! I'll let you know when that actually happens... I hope you've got some relaxing planned?


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