What I Wore - Cecil Sweater and Shooting Stars

How adorable is Cecil? He has the best wistful smile that I've seen on a furry critter all week. I was pretty excited to receive him in a package from Lonely Kids Club, complete with my very own "Kitty" drawing. If you like Cecil, but you're not quite prepared for his fleecy embrace, don't worry, you can get him on a t-shirt too, along with a whole lot of other stuff at this Sydney based label. I'm not sure that this blouse is the perfect match, but I think it works OK. I might go on the hunt for a more appropriate collar-partner soon.
Today we have the final style in the Jessica-T printed tights range as well, aren't they adorable? As I mentioned in last week's post, you can currently snag these at a big discount when you purchase along with a pair of shoes at Jessica-T. You get a pair of tights and a pair of shoes for just $29.95, with free shipping within Australia. If you'd like to see the other styles, check out the "Big Heart" and "Heart Beam" outfit posts. I love the asymmetric smattering of stars on these, aren't they cute?
I normally have a little story or something to tell you about in my outfit posts, but for some reason today I just don't know what to tell you. It's all work-work around here lately. Although C and I did manage to get out to the Opera House on the weekend to see the live performance of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Oh my. I do love the Opera House. And Blade Runner. And music. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Vivid Festival this weekend, is there anyone else in Sydney enjoying the winter lights?
Bodycon Dress // (old) similar here
Polka Dot Blouse with Double Collar // (old) ModCloth
White Skull Ring // It's a mystery, I found it on the ground


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