What I Wore - Conjuring Hearts

I should apologise in advance for the next few months of outfit posts. A lot of the items I share will be awesome, and from Japan. I'll try to link to sites where possible, but most are available in Japan only. Don't worry though, I have some equally awesome items that are within your grasp from behind your computer too :) Like these Adorable (yes, that's an intentional capital 'A') Heart Beam tights from Jessica-T! You may be familiar with Jessica-T jewellery from my Concrete and Hearts outfit and Geometry and Pinter shoot. They also have non-jewellery items, such as shoes, bags, scarves and... tights!
I'm fairly in love with my collar clips, what do you think? I found them in the shop where the top two photos in my Japan Fashion Post were taken. And the Bite Necklace was from a 'souvenir' shop, which had the most awesome Japanese artisan goods, lots of locally made pieces that were really cool. I'll definitely visit the store again when I'm next in Tokyo :)
Knit top and Cardigan // (both old) Dangerfield
Headband // (old) Urban Outfitters
Shoes // (old) I Love Billie


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