What I Wore - In a Galaxy Far, Far Away - Kyoto Station

All of the photos in the post were taken by C, I absolutely adore the one below. It's such a crazy visual illusion, I think I might make a print of this one!
Look at all my pretty pins! I love my wooden patchwork brooch from Under The Shade Of A Bonsai Tree! The colours are so pretty, and it LIVED on my cape in Japan. It's also lovingly handmade from Tasmanian oak, in Tasmania!
Kyoto Station is such a fascinating building. It was designed by Hiroshi Hara and is this crazy futurist style building. The trek to the rooftop is incredible, 11 floors up, much of it open air, it feels like you are climbing a mountain. The view of Kyoto from the top is amazing.
I purchased this skirt in Harajuku, after C found it on a rack for me. When I went to try it on, I learned that it's shoes off in change rooms in Japan, and there is a lovely fabric covered platform in most of them. I pulled it off the hanger and noticed that it has little shorts sewn inside! Little shorts! In the exact same fabric. A revelation! I can wear this skirt in all weather, like the windy pinnacle of Kyoto Station and fear not the dreaded pants reveal ;) The Japanese do things with such attention to detail.
You like my men's shoes? I'll stop going on about it. I know Converse are unisex, but man alive, that sales girl was pleased as punch to send me to the "MEN'S" section. grrr.
Cape // Saxony
Knit Shirt // Dangerfield (old)
Galaxy Skirt // Harajuku
Pink Crochet Cardigan // Vintage from Harajuku, Japan
Tights // a sock shop in Koenji
Beanie // purchased in a moment of desperation in Koenji, Japan
Converse Trainers // fancy limited edition MEN'S from Shinjuku, Japan
(because my feet were too fat for ladies shoes - ha!)
Orange and Blue Patchwork Wooden Doily Brooch // c/o Under The Shade Of A Bonsai Tree
Tooth Button and Cat Prince Button // Village Vanguard, Tokyo, Japan
Triangle Necklace // c/o Jessica-T
Octopus Ring // Octopus Me
Cathedral Ring // Metal Couture Jewelry


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