What I Wore - My Heart on My... Knees - UPDATED

Do you ever have those moments when you wish your camera could capture what your eyes see? It happens to me a lot. We had the most incredible psychedelic sunset when we were shooting these pictures, and no zoom lens, no tripod, no nuthin'. The sun was a blazing orange ball in a fluorescent purple haze, it was incredible. Some people approached us, as the sun rapidly descended below the trees: "Did you get the picture?" they asked breathlessly while grasping an iPhone - their only available camera. Not really, I replied, but we can keep it in here, pointing to my head. They probably thought I was strange, but sometimes we just have to remember beautiful things instead of recording them. The sunset was amazing, take my word for it.
On an unrelated (related to my outfit, not the sunset!) note, how adorable are these tights I received from Jessica-T? I loved them from the moment I spotted them in the Lost Nebula look book. You can see me wearing the Heart Beam tights in this outfit post, and the star gazing tights will make an appearance here very soon! I should also mention my anchor top too. I wasn't sure about it when I saw it in a thrift store in Japan, not because it isn't adorable, but just because it's a bit of a weird shape. Tuck it in though, and voila! A soft, comfy, cute vintage shirt, ready to sail the high seas.

Chambray Skirt // American Apparel
Anchor Shirt // Thrifted - Tokyo, Japan
Cardigan // (old) Dangerfield
Brooch // Thrifted - Katoomba, Australia
Fox Ring // Sea of Bees via Emerging Thoughts
Telescope Necklace // Gift from C (Similar here and here)
Bow Handbag // Irregular Choice (Gift)

I thought I should mention a special deal that Jessica-T have going right now, for just $29.95 you can score one pair of shoes (your choice of style and size) and one pair of tights (your choice of design) plus free postage within Australia. The regular price of this sweet combo is normally $74.85 - this special is a huge 60% off! You can see I had to share :) Here's another picture of a different shoe style (Jacqui's Cut Out Flats) with the Star Gazing Tights. If you'd like to take advantage of the offer, and you aren't in Australia, you can still get the great price, plus shipping. Head over to Jessica-T for the offer.


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