Wordless(ish) Weekend #22 - Tokyo

Behind our hotel in Shinjuku, the trumpeting of your arrival in Golden Gai. Beautiful photo by C.
Amazing overhead wires in Koenji. Me with my ubiquitous conbeeni (convenience store) umbrella.
Pachinko Parlour in Keonji. Love the balloons, hate the Pachinko. It's like being inside a cigarette smoke-choked pinball machine. One that eats your money and gives nothing in return except confusion.
Taiko no Tatsujin - The best arcade game EVAR. That is us taking dual pictures of ourselves with Taiko Drum heads. We stopped whatever we were doing every time we saw this game and beat the drums to the loudest J-Pop and video game theme songs, it was AMAZING.
The Kinokuniya Bookstore headquarters in Shinjuku. We spent a little bit of time there :) Don't you worry about that book in my hand. People call me a crazy cat lady, but what do they know?
These robot ladies were driving around everywhere. I think they were advertising a robot battle restaurant  and it looks like patrons can sit in their laps and control them. There are trucks blaring advertising (usually for boy bands) that just drive around the streets. There is little regard for environmentally conscious advertising going on right here!
Me (back to camera) walking down Piss Alley, the supposed inspiration for the Bladerunner street food scenes. Each restaurant through this tiny laneway seated around 6 people. Uncomfortably.
Shibuya. Loud, busy, and loud. Talking, singing and dancing billboards, millions of people (it felt like millions) and so many things happening, you don't know which way to look, up, down and all around.
Our 'home' Shinjuku.
This Kitty was a local friend, though the razor claws did manage to draw blood from poor C when the purring turned to "I'm bored with you, go away now". Cats.
One of my favourite photos of Koenji, taken by C, some urban decay and nature reclaiming out discarded spaces. Just beautiful.

All photos taken by C in Tokyo, Japan, 2013

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